General Information

Chartering without skipper (Bareboat)

For bareboat chartering , according to the greek legislation, at least two of the passengers must provide a sailing diploma . An alternative is one person with diploma and one written statement from another, claiming to have sailing experience. These two persons receive the boat with all of its ecquipment (check in) and hold responsibility for it and the rest of the passengers. On the way back the boat is delivered for check out. For any damages or losses the price will be kept from the guarantee deposit.

Chartering with skipper

In this occasion no guarantee deposit nore diplomas are needed. We can provide a skipper with experience who will travel you safely to the most beautiful places, so that you can relax and enjoy the sun and the sea. Skipper’s fee is 130 euro per day .

You will find on the boat the following items: blankets, sheets, pillows, pillow sheets, towels, refrigerator , kitchen , oven and all the necessary dishes (pots, plates, glasses etc.)
So you must bring with you the follwing items: waterproof vests, soft shoes, clothing, sun protection , hats, sunglasses, and all personal stuff within a soft handbag.