Apodrasi.net Lesvos

Between east and west lies Lesvos which is also known as Mitilini, due to its capital city.
The island has many different sceneries, archeological sites, many beautiful settlements, wetlands, museums, and special local kitchen.
The eastern side is full of pinetrees and olive trees, but on the western side the scenery is totally different , reminding «far west». Lesvos is the ideal place for summer vacation.
All of the island is about 1633 square km, and according to the 2011 census, has a population of 85450 people. Most of the island is mountain. It is close to the turkish coast.
Villages and towns have their special colour and physiognomy, with traditional roofs and small stone roads. Molyvos is one perfect example.
Many thermal springs are found on this island. Wetlands with thousands of bird species. The unique petrified forest , and famous monasteries.
The beaches of Lesvos are not so many , considering the size of the island. But you can find small and quiet beaches and big beaches with crowd as well. The ports who can support sailing yachts are Mytilini, Plomari, Molyvos and Petra.